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Introducing Japanese/Thai Fashion Brand VK by Vee

Its been eons since I last wrote about one of my favorite Japanese fashion brands but today I’m rectifying this. And I have a good one to kick things off. Let me introduce you to VK by Vee. A super cute and feminine Japan based brand. It has a distinctly youthful feel and certain pieces […]

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The Multi-purpose Hair Oil

I don’t know about you guys but I love to play with my hair. I am forever dyeing my hair or curling, straightening and styling it. All of this can play havoc on my locks so of course I’m a huge fan of hair oils. I can seriously tell the difference when I use them. […]

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A Spot of Sunday Baking

I love sundays!  They are prefect for relaxing with the family and doing a spot of baking. So today I set myself off to the kitchen and baked these tasty treats. They are basically your standard fairy cake recipe topped with buttercream and drizzled with chocolate. Very yummy but not very healthy. But we all […]

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Peek Inside My Workspace

As a freelance creative I spend a lot of time at home and it can be hard to form a structured routine when working from home. One thing that I’ve found that helps is having a dedicated working space. When I was house hunting a few months ago top of my wishlist was to have […]

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