Girl Does Geek’s Top Smartphone Picks

The smart phone market is ever expanding and many of them allow you to watch movies, take photos, play music, check your email and a whole host of other things. But with so many models out there how do you choose? Well that’s why i’m here. In today’s post I’ll show you my favorite smartphones currently on the market.

iPhone 4S

No guide to smartphone’s would be complete without including the daddy of them all – the iPhone 4S. Featuring an iOS operating system as well as a dualcore processor for high speed internet access. This beauty also gives you access to Apple’s immense app library.The 4S also comes with Siri which you could describe as a personal assistant – a system that follows your voice commands. Free up memory by storing your photos, music and videos on the Apple cloud giving you access wherever you are.

Samsung Galaxy S II

There aren’t many phones out there that can deliver 21Mbps download speeds so the Samsung Galaxy s II is definitely a must for those who like to download on the go. Like the iPhone it uses a dualcore processor. This handset is also light and slim weighing only 116 grammes. The S II has a 4.3 inch screen and has a Super AMOLED display so images are crisp and clear. A great all rounder.

HTC Sensation XL

A brilliant handset for all you music lovers out there. It features Beats Audio and comes with a customised beats headset. but it’s not just a music phone. The screen has a large screen at 4.7 inches and is super slim at under 1cm. Also has the ability to record video in HD much like the iPhone.

Nokia Lumia 800

The best Windows phone out so far. Features a user interface much like the forthcoming Windows 8. Has an 8MP camera and comes with 16GB of memory. Gone is Symbian to be replaced by Mango. Check out my full review here.

So there you have it, something for everyone. Some really cutting edge, high quality smartphones featured here. A word of warning if your planning on buying the iPhone 4S – it is rumoured that the iPhone 5 will be released before the summer so you might like to wait for its release instead of buying the 4S as the 5 looks to be amazing!

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  1. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    Ah! I got so confused by your blog change, haha. I’m happy for you, though — it’s awesome that you’re writing about what you love! I’m totally not tech-savvy at all, so maybe you can help me? :) I don’t even have a smart phone!

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