Japanese Fashions Influence on Western Style and Trends

Japanese fashion is influencing westerners more and more these days. Of course everyone knows of Gwen Stefani’s love of Japan with her Harajuku girl backing dancers, Harajuku influence of fashion and of course her super cute Harajuku Lovers perfume. But it goes a lot deeper than that. Japanese fashion may not yet e as popular as high end brands like Versace and Louis Vuitton. But it is slowly being adopted as their fashion of choice by more and more by teenagers and young women in the west.

U.S. and European designers watch trends in Japan especially the Shibuya and Harajuku districts of Tokyo. As the Japanese are usually ahead of the trends and those trends tend to eventually find their way into Western fashion. The Japanese are also very accomplished when it comes to mixing and matching garments and they have a strong emphasis on colour compared to the West’s love of monotone shades.

A fact that’s not well known is that the majority of high end denim is made in Japan. They use a special dye which makes the denim of superior quality so quite a few of the major fashion houses use it.
Product designers worldwide have focus groups with Japanese girls before the release of ranges for their ahead of trend style.

The blue label of Burberry was developed by Japanese designer Sanyo Shokai for Japanese consumers but is now one of their fastest growing divisions within the company.
Japanese women are trendsetters because they are willing to take risks. They sure know how to dress. They also have a high amount of disposable income. Many still live at home even in their mid twenties while working in well paid professions. This enables them to afford the latest fashion and beauty looks.

The Japanese fashion revolution began in the 80s with designers like Issey Miyake, Kohji Kamamoto and Comme de Garcons. And its completely extended now with brands like Uniqlo, Kenzo and Muji and quite a few high end fashion houses have Japanese designers at the forefront. Designers like John Galliano, Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld have long been fans of Japanese fashion and regularly go there for inspiration.

One current Japanese designer brand to keep your eye on for future trends is Sacai. Headed by former Comme de Garcons designer Chitose Abe.

And Jun Takahashi is another. He’s been well known in fashion circles for quite sometime. His label is Undercover.


Watch this space for more information on these two designers.
I know this was a really long post but its one i wanted to do for quite sometime as i think its a very relevant topic. I hope i didn’t bore you too much :)

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  10. Thanks Angela. I have a post planned on uniqlo in the near future :)

  11. Great post… I love anything japanese.MUST go to Tokyo one day and get inspired by their boldness and unique style

  12. It’s interesting that you comment on Japanese influences on western fashion. One think I know about Japan is how they really go all out when they dress up and I don’t just mean the subcultures they really go all out just their everyday wear.


  13. Thanks. It seems good.

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    fabulous! You are certainly right about Japanese women being risk takers and I love it! it’s whimsical and edgy…as fashion should be! My husband and I are a bit obsessed with Japan all around (food, anime, manga, technology) and fashion is no exception. Lol!

    …and WHY OH WHY is the only Uniqlo in NY? That might be a good thing for my wallet, but their stuff is TO DIE! H&M better watch out!

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    It’s really so excellent, Thanks for information about Japanese Fashions Influence on Western Style and Trends.



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